Our BluKey devices can record cash transactions. Depending on the Operator's machine, cash counting will have a varied level of accuracy. As a note, cash counting should only be used as an additional tool to help Operators gauge what percentage of their sales are mobile versus cash sales.


How do cash sales get uploaded?

Cash transactions recorded on the BluKey device are stored until the next following mobile transaction. 


PayRange utilizes the consumer's connection to upload these cash transactions to the Manage Dashboard. Once a mobile transaction goes through, all of the stored cash data is mass-uploaded. This may result in a variety of results depending on the amount of cash transactions stored. 


How can I get cash transactions to be accurate?

Cash transactions are not live data, so the results will always vary. A number of factors can affect the accuracy of cash data, which is why we recommend not using our system for tax or auditing purposes.


To maximize the accuracy of cash data, we recommend running a Collection through the maintenance mode on an Operator's mobile app. By running a Collection, Operators can upload the store cash transactions on their BluKeys without needing to proceed with a mobile transaction.


For more information on Maintenance Mode, please refer to this article: How do I utilize Maintenance Mode in the app? 


What if my device is recording cash transactions when I do not have a coin bank?

These are what we refer to as phantom transactions. This occurs due to the electrical currents inside of a machine.

When a coin passes through within a certain threshold it triggers the machine to receive payment. This may result in an incorrect recording of those electrical currents as a coin. If an Operator sees this occurring, we recommend emailing ask@payrange.com for assistance in either disabling coin-counting or for further explanation.

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