How do I utilize Maintenance Mode in the app?

Available within the PayRange App under the Operator View, the Maintenance Mode feature allows Operators to perform essential monitoring tasks on their devices. This functionality enables Operators to assess their devices' health status and execute batch uploads of Cash Transactions and firmware updates.





Since Cash Transactions are not transmitted in real-time and are only uploaded when a mobile transaction occurs, initiating a Collection is a method an Operator can batch upload any stored cash transactions.

This process involves selecting the machines from which cash data needs to be retrieved and then clicking on the "Upload Transaction" button.




Devices are initially equipped with a designated firmware upon installation. However, as PayRange advances and enhances its technology over time, Operators may find it necessary to update the firmware on their devices. Furthermore, in scenarios where Operators need to transfer a device from one machine to another, which necessitates a different firmware version, updating becomes imperative.

Operators will identify the devices requiring updates to complete a firmware update. Upon selecting the "Update Firmware" button, the update process will begin.




The Diagnostic section of the Maintenance Mode will offer Operators a quick snapshot into their devices' health. If a device needs attention, Operators can select the device to see what alerts have caused this.



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