How do I get test vends for testing a device on my machine?

The Installer Test Auto Offer feature provides our operators with a simple way to perform test vends on your machines. In order to perform test vends, you must first register your device. Click here to learn how to register your device. 

After successful device registration, PayRange automatically creates a free test purchase offer for the user who registered the device.

The free purchase test offer will allow the registered user to make up to 3 purchases within 24 hours of device installation.

Each test purchase has a maximum spend amount of $15.00. You will not need to have a funded balance in your PayRange app. In addition, PayRange does not charge any fees for the three test purchases.

To view the Installer Test Auto Offer in the PayRange app, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the PayRange app
  2. Log into your PayRange account. Please note, the Installer Test Auto Offer will only display to the user account that registered the device. 
  3. Select the yellow "OFFERS" swipe located in right corner of the machine identification box. 




Once you have used a free purchase test offer, you can track the test vend transactions in the app under "VIEW TRANSACTIONS". 


To view the Installer Test Auto Offer in MANAGE console, follow the below steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to 
  2. Log into your MANAGE account.
  3. Select "OFFERS" from the left menu option.
  4. The "Installer Test Auto Offer" will appear under "ACTIVE OFFERS". You will be able to track the number of test vends used and the test vend amount here. 





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