How do I add or remove email addresses that receive this weekly report?

You can set any number of email addresses to receive the weekly report.

To add or remove email addresses, visit this link: 

In the section 'Email for Sales Report", type the email address you would like to add and then press enter. To delete an email, click on the X. You can add as many email addresses as you like. Adding an email address here does not give that email address any access to the Manage portal. Users who do have access to the management portal will only get the weekly report if their email is also added to this "Email for Sales Report" field.




Tip: You can enter distribution list emails at your company, for example

The recipients of the distribution list then can be managed with your email server.


To Add or Remove users who have access to the Management portal visit this link: 

Only users with "Owner" permission role can add or remove other users.


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