Registering BluKey Laundry Machines

Outlined in this article are the steps of: 

  1. Register the BluKey devices for your laundry machines.
  2. Set up your pricing.
  3. Place your decals on the machines.


This video is an example of device registration and installation. The video provides a good overview; some details might vary for your machine and specific situation.

Laundry Install: Speed Queen with MDC Controller (K11 Harness) from PayRange on Vimeo.


Create an Operator Account on PayRange before registering your devices if you don't have one.

Perform each process and set of steps in the recommended order.

Installing Your PayRange App and Operator Setup

The PayRange App is currently available for iOS on Apple’s App Store and Android OS on the Google Play Store. Tap the appropriate link for your device to download the PayRange app:

Get PayRange on the Apple App Store     Get PayRange at the Google Play Store

Configuring Your BluKey Device Registration(s)

  1. Access your Operator Account from the PayRange App.
    NOTE: You can use Manage Dashboard to register devices, but we recommend using the PayRange App.
  2. Enter your device and machine information

  • Enter the Serial number and PIN.
  • Enter the Machine ID.
  • Enter the machine's Position.
    NOTE: This is the number of the decal you are affixing to your machine at the end of this procedure. Each BluKey installed should have its own number. The only exception are stack machines that utilize one BluKey. 

  • Tap Laundry from the Category drop-down options.
    The Subcategory box appears.

  • Tap a Subcategory from the drop-down list of options, such as Washer or Dryer.

  • Tap the Service Location from the drop-down list of options. (Ex: Laundromat or Office).

  • Enter the Display Name you wish to use for this machine (Ex: Washer01).
    NOTE: The scan-to-pay box automatically displays a value based on your entries.
  • Enter a Location name where the BluKey machine is being installed (Ex: Boston College)

  • Tap Use Current Location if you're at the location where your machine sits or tap Use Last Entered if this is an additional machine you're adding to an established laundry location.

  • Your Device preview box automatically fills in for you based on your position ID and other information you are entering during this registration. We do not recommend taking a photo.

Configure your pricing information


NOTE: You are filling out attributes that represent your minimum values for the cycle type, amount, number of pulses, machine's cycle time, and machine timer type, so begin with a basic or light cycle and appropriate values and work upward on each successive row, increasing cycle time and wash type.

  1. Tap the Default radio button at the head of the row to indicate you are entering your default assignment row values.
  2. Tap the Description drop-down options and select a cycle type, such as Light Cycle or Med Cycle.
    NOTE: A Credits value displays only for certain descriptions. You can see this in the app as credit, quarter, minutes, etc.
  3. Tap inside the Amount box and enter a price, ex: 2.00 for the value of 2 USD or 2 CAD.
  4. Tap the #Pulses box and enter the base number, ex: 8 or 10.

  5. Tap inside the Cycle Time box and enter a minute value, ex: 25 or 50.

  6. Tap the Timer Type (Reset/Add-On) drop-down options and tap either Reset or Add-on.

    IMPORTANT: This is the stage of registration where you can enter multiple machines.
  7. Tap Yes in response to the prompt Would you like to register another [machine brand] with the same settings and pricing? if you have another machine of the same type to register or tap No to complete this registration if you're finished and begin placing your decal(s).

Placing Your Laundry Machine Number Decals

A numbered decal must be affixed to each one of your laundry machines using PayRange.

Before placing decals, ensure you are numbering your laundry machines from left to right and then from top to bottom as displayed in this illustration.

IMPORTANT:Only affix the First Purchase Free decal if you are enrolled in the New User Program. To manage your enrollment.

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