As an Operator, your registered devices live within the Device section of your Manage Console. PayRange offers several categories for Operators to view their devices based on their preferences. This article will outline the different Device List options that are available.


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Under your Device List, Operators must choose a Preset or Add a Filter to view their devices. 

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The Presets below will allow you to view your registered devices by specific fields. These fields are set upon registration (i.e. Device type, location, registration date, etc.). 

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Along with the Preset, you can also select the Group by. This will allow Operators more customization to the view. Operators can always choose to leave the Group by unselected, leaving it to a default view within the Preset

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Beyond the Preset options provided, Operators can search within their list using the Filters option. For operators searching for specific information within their device list, this will be the best option for searching through their data.

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