PayRange BluKey PayStation XL Installation


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Welcome to your new PayRange BluKey PayStation, our connected room solution, enables your customers to conveniently use any PayRange enabled machine nearby, without the need for a phone or PayRange account. The BluKey PayStation streamlines the entire payment process, allowing users to complete their transactions directly on the PayStation.


IMPORTANT: PayRange BluKey PayStation (XL and mini) requires data connection. Prior to installation, verify your location has adequate cellular reception. If a mobile web browser can load a website relatively quickly, data connection should be adequate.


What's Required to Get Started:


1. Smartphone with PayRange App 1.png
2. PayRange Operator Account 2.png
3. Tools to assist with installation 3.png
4. PayRange products (PayStation, BluKey, BluKey Connect) 4.png
5. PayRange enabled machines (BluKey installed on your machines)  5.png
6. Stable internet connection & 110V power outlet 6.png


Getting Started:



Carefully remove the BluKey Connect and BluKey PayStation XL from their packaging.





Plug in the power cord and antenna to the back of the PayStation XL (Fig. 1).

3. If using an internet or cellular connection, connect the ethernet cable from the ethernet router or cellular modem to the ethernet port located on the back of the PayStation (Fig 1).


Remove the mounting bracket attached to the back of the PayStation by unscrewing the two screws from the bottom sides of the bracket (Fig 1).


Screw the mounting bracket to the wall using the included mounting hardware (Fig. 2).


Plug the power cord into a 110V outlet and power on the PayStation XL by pressing the power switch located next to the power cord. Ensure the PayStation powers ON and the home screen is displayed (Fig 3).



Attach the included back panel cover to the back panel window using the two screws provided (Fig. 3).


Attach the PayStation XL to the mounting bracket that was previously mounted to the wall in the previous step (Fig. 4).



Follow the on-screen instructions shown on the PayStation display for the remaining installation and set-up.




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