Thanks for your interest in the New User Program. This program allows customers to try PayRange on your machines at no cost to them. This program will create a one-time free purchase offer for them to use at any one of your machines. 

To enable this on your account follow these steps below-

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to 'Rewards'
  • Go to 'New User Program'
  • Select an amount from the dropdown list
  • Press the green 'Enable New User Sign Up Rewards' button.

This program will be enabled across all of your devices. We highly recommend setting the offer value to match (or round to the dollar) the most expensive item on your machines since you are promoting a free transaction. For example, if your most expensive item is $2.50, we recommend setting the offer value to $3.00. The offer is one-time use and any remaining balance on the offer will go away. In this case, if you use a $3.00 offer towards your $2.50 item, and the remaining $0.50 simply goes away.

Once a new user signs up, they will receive a prompt with instructions on how to obtain their first purchase free. If your customers have any questions about this or having issues, please send them to or call 855-856-6398 (option #1)


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