You can Sign Up for a PayRange account using any of the four different Sign Up methods:  

  1. mceclip0.png   Sign Up with Facebook
        Use existing Facebook credentials to create a PayRange account
  2.    Sign Up with Google
        Use existing Google credentials to create a PayRange account
  3. Image result for mail icon with with blue lines   Sign Up with Email
        Use any valid email to create a PayRange account
  4. mceclip1.png  First Purchase Free Mobile number
        Use a valid mobile number that can be verified

Methods 1-3 are found by tapping the NEW USER button on the bottom bar of the launch screen. 

How this looks in the app:


Method 4 is a Sign Up with Mobile Number. It will only avaiable if you are near PayRanage enabled machines that currently has First Purchase Free offer.  

How this looks in the app:


With the First Purchase free method, you enter your mobile phone number, and you will get a text message.  You then go to the text message, and tap the link to complete the process. 

To redeem the offer: 

Flip the machine card, select the offer, and swipe/slide to complete the purchase.


  • Sign Up is only needed the first time to create a PayRange account
  • You do not need to Sign Up for more that one PayRange account
  • You will use the Sign In button after the account has been created 
  • It is important to remember the method of Sign Up as that is also the method to Sign In
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