PayRange is a mobile wallet app that makes paying machines easy. 

The first time:

  1. Download the PayRange app
  2. Create a PayRange account
  3. Load funds
  4. Make purchases from a PayRange enable machine

The next time:

  1. Make purchases from a PayRange enabled machine


The consumer downloads the PayRange app, creates their account, and securely loads funds with a credit or debit card into the wallet.  The PayRange app communicates with the PayRange enabled machine via Bluetooth connection on the consumer's phone.

The app contects to the PayRange Cloud Platform via the phone's cellular or WiFi connection to:

  • Authorize funds being added
  • Verify offers or discounts being redeemed
  • Confirm the consumer has adequate balance to purchase
  • Upload the transaction that was made
  • Download updates

The consumer interacts with the app to make a purchase from the machine by swiping the phone's screen to pay.  The account balance is transfered to the machine, so the consumer can make their selection.  The item is purchased and the remaining balance is transfered back to the consumers wallet.  

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