Do you need a refund for a purchase you made with the PayRange app?

Take these steps to request a transaction refund

  1. Log in to the PayRange app using your Google__G__Logo.svgoogle sign in, or use your email and password.
  2. Tap the Hamburger Menu to start the transaction refund request.

  3. Tap Contact Us.
  4. Tap Purchase and the Report a Problem button.

  5. Tap the reason (category) that best fits your purchase experience.
  6. Select the specific transaction from the list and tap Okay.

  7. Select Report a Problem.
  8. Write us a brief message in the Please describe your problem box.

  9. Tap Send to send us your refund request and we'll take it from here.

See a Demo of the transaction refund request

For issues with incorrect currency, see Refund for Wrong Currency.

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