PayRange does not own or operate the machine(s) you're using. Each machine has an operator, or owner.
If you are seeing a problem with a machine and it:

  • Needs fixing, filling, restarting, cleaning, changing, or repairing
  • Appears to be vandalized
  • Needs a decal

Please contact the machine owner (operator) directly.
If you are not sure who the operator or owner is, we can help you, using the machine location information.

How to get help

We can assist you by collecting problem details and sending them to the machine operator, although we always recommend you contact the machine operator directly for the quickest outcome and best results.  

To find the machine operator's or owner's contact information

Try this:

  1. Locate a decal or poster showing the operator's phone, email, or website on, or near, the machine.
  2. Contact the machine operator using this information.
  3. If you're unable to find this decal or any data on the machine, and if you're not reaching the operator using the contact information you've found, contact us.
  4. Please have the above data handy when you contact us--we'll need all of it to help you.
  5. Find posters or signs in the room, or area, showing the machine operator's phone, email, or website.
  6. Ask the location contact (i.e. receptionist, manager, or owner) to obtain more information or resolve the machine's issue.
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