What is required to get age verified?

Our in-app immi age verification service is a one-time, fast and secure process. Users add a government-issued ID document and take a biometric selfie to create a reusable verified digital ID. Your ID document and any other personal details you add are encrypted into unreadable data that only you can access. It takes less than a minute to verify your identity details once to create your reusable ID. Once verified, you unlock the PayRange app using facial biometrics and pay the machine using the PayRange mobile App.


For first time users:

  1. Download the PayRange app. The PayRange App is currently available for iOS on Apple’s App Store and Android OS on the Google Play Store. 
  2. Create a PayRange account.
  3. Load funds into the wallet.  
  4. Go to the “Verify Me” link listed under your name on the main screen of the PayRange app.
  5. Follow the immi verification prompts to age verify.
  6. Make sure you have adequate cellular signal prior to performing the verification steps. 
  7. Scan the front and back of your government issued ID so we can ensure you are of legal age to purchase and to verify your ID is real.
  8. Take a biometric selfie so we can match you to the photo on the scanned government-issued ID. Please ensure you have adequate light when performing the selfie step.
  9. Once verified, the PayRange app will create your encrypted resuable digital ID that only you can unlock with biometrics (FaceId or TouchID).
  10. With your resuable digital ID, you can now use the PayRange app to verify and send payment to any age-restricted machine that accepts PayRange.

For existing PayRange users:

Please make sure you are signed into the PayRange mobile app and you are near an age-restricted machine that accepts PayRange. 


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