What is immi and why do I need to age verify?

Immi, a division of PayRange, is our in-app age and identity verification service that will securely ensure you are of legal age to purchase age-restricted items. Immi, is a fast and secure way to prove your age for making age-restricted purchases through our mobile payment app.


PayRange is a mobile wallet app that makes paying at machines easy. There are machines equipped with PayRange that offer consumers the ability to purchase age-restricted products. The PayRange mobile payment solution will work with these PayRange enabled machines.


It’s quite simple really: you can use the PayRange mobile app at PayRange enabled machines selling age-restricted products. Our age-verification service, immi, ensures you are of legal age to purchase the age-restricted item. Once you are age-verified, you will now be able to use the PayRange app to send payment to a machine offering age-restricted products.

To learn more about our new division, immi, click here.

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