In order to transfer devices, the new owner has to have an operator account set up. Then both parties complete the transfer of ownership form (attached at end of step 4).

We cannot move any devices over until the new owner has an operator account. The new account can be set up by going to and clicking the blue ‘Operator Sign Up’ link. Once this is done proceed with the following instructions below as it will explain the process to fill out the form and fields required by both parties.

Step 1: The first page requests both of the operator's account and contact information (Name, Company Name, Phone, Email & Account Number). We also require the account number from both parties.


If you need to locate your account number, it will be under Settings->General. There will be a letter, followed by 5 numerical numbers, pictured below.General_Settings.JPG

Step 2. The second page will be the list of devices (serial numbers) that will be transferred. You can locate this behind the device. Or if you’re logged into your operator account, go to Devices>List and you will see all of your devices there. You can export the list and email that with this form. 


Step 3: Both parties are required to sign at the bottom of the second page.

Step 4: Email this completed form back to with the subject line of 'Transfer of Ownership', we will process this request and email you back when completed. 


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